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Letters Of Appreciation

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Van Dyke for the great job they have been doing all these years at Navajo Generating Station at Page, Arizona.

For Navajo Generating Station, Van Dyke has moved in all 8 Mitsubishi GSU transformers and moved out some of the old Westinghouse GSU transformers. Under my supervision, Van Dyke has moved out unit 1 phase A Westinghouse GSU transformer on Feb., 2011, unit 3 phase A Westinghouse GSU transformer on Feb., 2012, and unit 1 phase C Westinghouse GSU transformer on Feb., 2014, and has moved in all these 3 Mitsubishi GSU transformers as well.

All of this work as been done in an almost perfect way, with the highest quality, and highest safety awareness.

NGS/SRP has hired other vendor companies to move some of the transformers onsite, and the vendor either dropped the transformer by accident, or came to the site and informed us that the transformer was too heavy to move, even though their representative had been onsite and checked everything before the crew came to move.

Employees from Van Dyke are very professional, their technical skill is so high that nobody at Navajo site would worry about work that they are going to do.

Van Dyke is a great company, and Navajo Generating Station has high trust and confidence in them.

If there will be any business opportunity at Navajo Generating Station in the future, Van Dyke will certainly be the 1st Candidate.

Thank you,

Yun Lei
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Navajo Generating Station
Page, AZ 86040

As per our conversation today, I wish to commend you and your company in your performance and willingness to go far above and beyond the call of duty regarding Transformer Logistics and Rigging. Following past experiences, numerous utility companies continue to request and even demand your services in their facilities for upcoming projects involving transformer placement throughout the 2008 and 2009 schedule. This further exemplifies your record of safety, attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and overall excellence in the industry. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone of your caliber and eagerly await our future projects together.


William G. Hough
TransLink Inc.
Senior Project Manager

Van Dyke Bros., Inc. has switched out a number of GSU Transformers and large generators for Ameren during the past 15 years. I have had nothing but good experiences working with Van Dyke Bros. They have always demonstrated true professionalism in the heavy hauling and rigging business. Also, I have found them to be very safety conscience. To my knowledge they have never had a single injury or accident while working for any of the Ameren family utility companies. I truly recommend Van Dyke Bros., Inc. as an ethical and reputable company.


Robert A. Dill
Ameren Services

I wanted to let you know how pleased Western Resources was with the work performed by Van Dyke Brothers, Inc., when they unloaded two transformers for us this summer. I’ve seen several large transformers unloaded so I know that it can be a difficult, complicated process. But Van Dyke Bros. worked quickly, efficiently and safely, and their works know their jobs so well that they even made the project look easy. They had all the equipment and manpower on-site to do the job right, and in fact unloaded and positioned the 750 transfer in a single morning. We are pleased you choose Van Dyke Bros. and we look forward to working with them in the future.


Cindy J. Risch, P.E.
Western Resources
Specialty Engineer

Just a quick note to express our gratitude for the work your crew did here at Fort Calhoun Station. Your company performed in a very professional manner and the movement of all the components went extremely well. In addition, the willingness of your employees to work with the client and their positive attitude was a major reason for the success of this project. Safety in moving the components was always a priority and the use of the side dollies certainly provided an extra safety factor that ensured we would not have any unplanned events. This is the first time that I have seen them used and they were very impressive! Again, thanks for a job well done. Your organization helped to make the Fort Calhoun Outage an ongoing success story.


Sudesh K. Gambhir
Omaha Public Power District
Division Manager – Nuclear Projects

I have been involved with many different companies that perform all sorts of large construction projects. The performance of Van Dyke Company on this project measures up to or exceeds any I have seen in all my experience. Everyone that has commented to me about Van Dyke Company has nothing but praise to say about their performance and the safe manner in which the company personnel performed this amazing task. I wanted to say thank you to Van Dyke Company for the strong work ethic coupled to the professional and safety conscious performance here at Summer Station. The amount of work, the removal of two main power transformers and precise placement of our new transformer, all without as much as a single first aid case, is a record to be proud of.


Bill Hicks
Nuclear Operations Training
V.C. Summer Station

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